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Flooded internet

By floridave | June 19, 2006

I was called out last weekend because the Internet was off in some of the towns that the company I work for services. The common point is in the basement of the Yellow head hotel.

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On arrival it was easy to determine the reason for the outage. Water.
Water and electronics don’t mix well. Water had been dripping for some time to make it from the floor to the battery operated UPS on the bottom of the rack. The UPS failed and thus the supply of interruptible power had been interrupted.Being a Saturday there was only a skeleton staff at the hotel. They had to call the on-call plumber to fix the leak. He was going to be a long time so some orange tarp would stop additional damage.

spring06 089.jpg

Looking at the repaired pipe it appears that the damage was caused by a previous fix to an adjacent pipe.

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