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Toyota Sienna Fuse location

By floridave | February 18, 2007

A few weeks ago, well last year, I discovered that the tail light on my 1998 Sienna did not work.
One thing I like about the Sienna is that I can leave the headlights on all the time and they go out when you open the drivers door, after you shut off the vehicle. So for the last few years I have never turned them off. I guess with the addition of a hitch and wiring harness for trailer towing might have had something to do with the tail lights failing.


Anyway I tried to find the fuse for the taillights and was unable to find them with the owners manual. It assumed that you know where the fuse panel is. After some searching on the net I discovered that it is behind a small door on the drivers side. That small door is a coin holder.


Anyway this post is only for you other Sienna owners that have yet to discover the fuse panel location is behind the coin holder. You have to open the door and pull up on the door reveling the fuse panel.

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