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Hackers load extra content to this site.

By floridave | June 7, 2007

My site was hacked.
This site was hacked along with hundreds of others hosted by Dream Host. I was in good company as a very popular music site was attacked as well. The Mercury music awards site according to the register they suffered the same fate as me.

The security flaw allowed the attackers to log into our customer web control panel with the access privileges of another user. From our web panel they were able to access individual user password information.

It could have been much worse as they had full ftp access, but only added some spam links to index.html and index.php pages. The stuff they added were just links in a hidden <div> and were not even seen except for robots indexing for search engines.
I was in contact with my host long before they admitted to a security-breach and restored backups and changed passwords. There is lots of people complaining about the breach at Dream host but I just am glad it was not worse that it really was.
Dream host says:

….we now have confirmed information that these ftp account hijackings are happening on other web hosts as well …

So check and change yours as well.


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