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Willingdon reno and Dinos

By floridave | September 12, 2007

My nephew, James, bought a house in Willingdon, Ab and is renovating it. My brother Brian and myself have been assisting on weekends. It seems that this house has been renovated a couple of times in its almost 100 year history. The wiring was upgraded from knob and tube to more recent upgraded to ungrounded boxes.


Why would a electrician chop up a support joist, rendering the structure useless, to install a electrical box?

James has a lot to do in this renovation and has the right attitude and is learning the skills as he goes.
My sister will be happy when it is finished so she can have her house back.


The kids an I went to visit the Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology as well as the Calgary Zoo. The kids and I had a great time and enjoyed the dinosaur museum this time around better than the last; a couple of years ago. The kids now have a longer attention span and actually pay attention to some of the presentations. Visited Mom as well, but had to come home a bit early because of the lack of accommodations in Calgary.

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