Adding GPS locations to your photos.

I have Garmin emap GPS device. I assume that you have some similar device as well as a digital camera.
I bet there is a bunch of ways to do this but this is how I do it.

  1. Make sure the time on the camera is the same as the time of the GPS receiver. Adjust camera as necessary.
  2. Take some photos with the gps running logging tracks. save your tack log.
  3. Download and install easygps. You only need this if you can’t get the tack log from your GPS. I lost my software so I get the track log with easygps.
    An excerpt of a track log looks like:
  4. track-log.jpg
  5. It has the time and latitude and longitude info.
  6. Download and install WWMX Location Stamper. There are others but this is free.
  7. Save your tack log (.gpx).
  8. Launch your location stamper. Click tracks > add tracks… and locate your log file.
  9. Click Photos > add photos…. Locate the photos that you want to geo-code. It will find the times of the track log and photos.
  10. Click “Apply tracks” and follow the directions in the popup window. Your photos now have GPS info
    You can add them to Gallery and have the map module find the GPS info in the photos you add and have them plotted on the map module map.
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