New Blocks for the tag module

By floridave | May 16, 2008

I finally got round to finishing off the module enhancements I have been working on for the Tags module for G2. I started quite some time ago and did not feel comfortable releasing it until now!
Get your new blocks for the Tags module of Gallery2:
What does it do you ask? Well the new blocks give a different way of displaying tags on the page. One designed for the sidebar has a weighted bar graph with the tag name and weight if desired. The other (Ishihara tag cloud) is not in everybody’s taste, but does show that there is different ways of displaying data from tags. See both blocks in operation:

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Site down and restored quickly

By floridave | January 12, 2008

Yesterday I noticed that my site was down giving a “bad_httpd_conf” error. I sent a support request to my host and received a prompt response in less than a hour.

There was a slight misconfiguration in your
Apache Server that was causing your website to come down momentarily.

The tech who fixed the issue actually looked at my site, reading the post about WordPress being slow and gave a couple of pointers to fix the speed issue with WordPress. Most of the suggestions I have implemented and some others I will get around to one day.

Actually viewing and reading my site was a bit surprise. Thanks Dreamhost, That is good customer service.

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Don’t have a clue why WordPress is sloow

By floridave | January 2, 2008

Why is WP slow? I don’t know. Admin pages seem to work fine and Gallery2 seems to be fine as well, as long as it does not go through WP that is. Changing themes to the default does not seem to make a difference.

Will update as I find and fix the issue.

Later Jan 3rd:

Seems it was the sidebar module for displaying the weather here in Edmonton. It is not interesting to most of you so I disabled it and all seems to be fine now.

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GalleryCon 2007 – the Good, the Bad, the Ugly

By floridave | September 27, 2007

Went to San Francisco with my sister Cath for the 2007 GalleryCon.

Cath has not traveled internationally before and had only flown once many years ago, so this was exciting for her. I don’t like to travel that much because of the things that can happen, as did to us on our return.

Robert (vollksport) did a great job of organizing a diverse, multicultural and multilingual group of people. Hats off to you Robert. Thanks!

All photos: GalleryCon 2007-San_Francisco

We stayed at a new “green” hotel very close to Chinatown. How close? Well less than a few steps to the ‘gate’. The staff at the hotel where very helpful and would recommend the Orchard Garden Hotel to anybody wanting to visit San Francisco.

My camera spent a bit too much time in the rain the last camping trip and has not performed well ever since. It sort of has it’s own mind when it wants to turn on, so as a result there is not many good photos.

In no particular order:
The good:

  • Baseball, hotdogs, beer, Nintendo DS, I-Phones and friends.
  • Trip from airport on shuttle through the “streets of San Francisco”.
  • $2.00 Pabst Blue Ribbon (BPRs), scooters and friends.
  • Fine dining with friends and making the rest of the restaurant have fun as well.
  • Guinness, Guinness car bombs, fish-eye camera and friends.
  • Strawberries, Croissants, fresh OJ and friends
  • Seared Tuna and Victoria beer at the Fairmont hotel Vancouver airport.
  • Art at the Salt Lake City airport.
  • Seeing Jens busing tables and competing with Jesse drinking beer.
  • Eating free Google food and organic root beer with friends. Free Google shirt.

The Bad:

  • Not enough time.
  • Delayed flight, delayed again, overbooked flights.
  • Tuna and crackers from a vending machine for dinner.
  • Bulk cereal and bananas for breakfast in Salt Lake.
  • Air Canada staff working on behalf of Delta.
  • $7 meal vouchers that don’t buy a meal.
  • Intermittent digital camera.

The Ugly:

  • Canceled flight, overbooked flights.
  • Days Inn Salt Lake City.
  • Bathroom at the $2/PBR bar.
  • Intermittent digital camera photos.

So in my view the goods out way the bad and ugly hands down. Hope to see you all again soon.

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Willingdon reno and Dinos

By floridave | September 12, 2007

My nephew, James, bought a house in Willingdon, Ab and is renovating it. My brother Brian and myself have been assisting on weekends. It seems that this house has been renovated a couple of times in its almost 100 year history. The wiring was upgraded from knob and tube to more recent upgraded to ungrounded boxes.


Why would a electrician chop up a support joist, rendering the structure useless, to install a electrical box?

James has a lot to do in this renovation and has the right attitude and is learning the skills as he goes.
My sister will be happy when it is finished so she can have her house back.


The kids an I went to visit the Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology as well as the Calgary Zoo. The kids and I had a great time and enjoyed the dinosaur museum this time around better than the last; a couple of years ago. The kids now have a longer attention span and actually pay attention to some of the presentations. Visited Mom as well, but had to come home a bit early because of the lack of accommodations in Calgary.

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